About Me

     I have loved art of all kinds from a very early age. I hoped to major in art when attending college at Miami of Ohio; however, my father thought art to be frivolous and insisted I major in a more practical subject. Regardless, I have since always been involved with art in some form.

     I was introduced to miniatures when my husband, Pete, and I bought a gift shop in Aurora, Colorado in 1979. At the time, filling old printers' trays with memorabilia had become very popular. Unfortunately, the majority of commercially available miniatures were of very poor quality. Making and selling miniatures, specifically for the printers' drawers, became my cottage industry of choice.

    Shortly after moving to Sparks, Nevada, in 1982, I attended a meeting for interested miniaturists. From my early beginnings, my "love for the little", dollhouses, and scale miniatures were a natural transition. From that time on, I was hooked and have been a part of the miniature community ever since. I currently am a member of NAME, IGMA, and my local Sparks Miniature Club.

     My interests are so varied that new items are always forthcoming, and I welcome any and all ideas or suggestions. My specialty remains to be the numerous food items that I create, and it is in that area that my work is best known, and where I achieved "fellow" status with the International Guild of Miniature Artisans. My work can be seen at various miniature shows around the country. Please see my show schedule for details. Happy collecting!

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