Farmer's Market


Because all items are one of a kind, hand crafted pieces, there may be slight variations from piece to piece.

To see larger image, click on any of the thumbnails below



Apple Basket with Bite


Pickle Crock on Board

Apple Basket


Peas on Cutting Board

Cherry Basket


Cantaloupe on Cutting Board

Peach Basket


Vegetables on Cutting Board

Mushroom Basket
$48.00 each


Marmalade and Jam
$15.00 each

Carrot and Parsnip Basket


Canned Beans, Carrots, Pickles, or Fruit Cocktail
$14.00 each

Blueberry or Blackberry Basket
$17.00 each


Egg Basket $17.00
Eggs in Pan $6.00
Oops! Cracked Egg $4.00

$4.00 each


Linked Sausages $11.00
Smoked Ham $12.00
Salami $12.00
Hanging Cheese $9.00/$10.00
Rope Sausage $9.00

$14.00 each


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